Calendar Templates

Calendar template is the most versatile and flexible format for outlining the calendar dates of a year or month effectively. It is an instance through which one need not have... Read More

February 2012 Calendar Template

The February 2012 calendar template is an outline of the exact order of days and weeks for each date as given in the calendar for the month of February in... Read More

January 2012 Calendar Template

The January 2012 calendar template is a written model of the jobs to be done throughout the month, day-by day. The template is presented in the exact form of a... Read More

December 2011 Calendar Template

A December 2011 calendar template is a pre-built document that provides information to be put in a calendar of a certain month of a year. The basic structure of the... Read More

November 2011 Calendar Template

November 2011 calendar template highlights the date wise configuration of days and weeks of the month creating a prominent almanac of the month. It showcases the dates and days in... Read More

October 2011 Calendar Template

The October 2011 calendar template is an excel replica of the date chart for the month of October of 2011. It illustrates the array of days and weeks for this... Read More

Blank Calendar Template

A blank calendar template is a pre-built layout which contains limited information and remains almost blank for the user to fill it up with the months and days. In a... Read More

School Year Calendar Template

A school year calendar template is a fundamental design of the datebook of a school which contains relevant information about the schools opening and closing days, inter-school fests and annual... Read More

Excel Calendar Template

An excel calendar template is a document which outlines how a calendar can be created in excel. Such a document is especially well created in excel, where an organized and... Read More

2012 Calendar Template

The 2012 calendar template serves as a skeletal document enclosing the inner details of the year 2012 in terms of its 12 months inclusive of the weeks and days. It... Read More

2011 Calendar Template

The 2011 calendar template is the reflection of the calendar for the year 2011 enshrining the days and months of the year in a suitable format. It is created thoughtfully... Read More

Academic Year Calendar Template

An academic year calendar template is a framework provided for developing an academic almanac for a particular educational institution. It emphasizes on the programs fixed up for the coming academic... Read More

Weekly Calendar Template

A weekly calendar template is a demonstrative document which communicates the hour by hour schedule of a person on all days of a week starting from Sunday and ending in... Read More