Essay Templates

An essay is an article based on a specific topic. Essays can point out to different political, national, international issues or can also be related to basic, simple topics such... Read More

Essay Template Example

An essay template example is a written sample of how an essay needs to be written to produce desirable effects on the readers. An essay comprises of a number of... Read More

Essay Cover Sheet Template

The essay cover sheet template is extremely important for all academic essays. This must be constructed using the APA or MLA format. The layout must have sufficient details regarding the... Read More

Personal Essay Template

The personal essay template is useful for those students who are applying for colleges and universities. This must be properly organized and provide adequate reasoning as to why the candidate... Read More

Essay Planning Template

An essay planning template is a document which outlines the nature of an essay, its component parts, structure and outline in an easy form. Such a template is of great... Read More

Essay Format Template

An essay format template is a document which contains a preview of the essay format for a particular topic. It should present each aspect of the essay format in template... Read More

Short Essay Template

The short essay template is a concise format that can be used for composing essays that requires being succinct and to the point. The short essay must contain all the... Read More

Evaluation Essay Template

The evaluation essay template can be used for both academic and commercial purposes. This kind of essay is written after carefully examining certain objects, events, products etc by students, product... Read More

Expository Essay Template

The expository essay template is used for the purpose of providing adequate information with regards to events, books, ideas, processes, historical events. The format is similar to a regular essay... Read More

Academic Essay Template

The academic essay template should be specifically used for the purpose of writing educational essay topics. Mainly, these are used in schools, colleges and universities and hence thorough research is... Read More

Free Essay Template

The free essay template provides the required ways in which an essay can be created. This template can be used for various types of essays with the necessary modifications. The... Read More

College Scholarship Essay Template

A college scholarship essay template is a document which showcases the pattern of an essay to bag a college scholarship. It underscores the constituents of the pattern and their accepted... Read More

GMAT Essay Template

A GMAT essay template portrays the accepted way of producing an essay written for GMAT application. It is an analytical and argumentative type essay which demands great cognitive as well... Read More