How to Write an Evaluation Report Template

Evaluation report template is basically produced during the process of individual or group or organizational level evaluation. Its main purpose is to provide a basis for decision-making, result accountability, drafting... Read More

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Template

A résumé is not the only important tool for job search, but your cover letter proves to be equally essential in creating a good impression for an employer. You should... Read More

How to Write an Agreement Contract Template

A contract is a way of entering into a mutual business deal between two parties for gaining desired benefits. A contract should be able to safeguard both the parties equally.... Read More

How to Make a Calendar Template

You can design calendars by using calendar templates which are available in Microsoft Office, for various types of applications. You can find many calendar templates in MS Office or online.... Read More

What Is the Best Business Plan Template

In the highly competitive business world, it requires accurate planning and decisions, to accomplish your goals and objectives. You need to have a clear plan or strategy, which will help... Read More

What Is a Tri Fold Brochure Template

If you are planning to use a tri fold brochure for your business, you should have knowledge about what is a tri fold brochure template. Tri fold brochure template is... Read More

How to Write a Bill of Sale Template

A bill of sale is a document, which is considered very important, when selling goods or items like a car, as it proves to be useful in safeguarding both the... Read More

What is a Training Needs Analysis Template

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is an assessment of learning and improvement needs for the employees, volunteers and the administrators within an organization. The requirements of people pertaining to behavior... Read More

What Is a Letter of Agreement Template

Letters of agreement are mostly used in the business world for various purposes between any two parties. The parties can be a contractor and a house owner, a client and... Read More

How to Plan a Meeting Agenda Template

When planning to conduct meetings, it is better to keep a meeting agenda template ready. It serves as your guide for the upcoming meeting. Agenda template includes all that is... Read More

Sample Templates


How to write a Assessment Template

An assessment template is a ready-to-use pre-built layout that outlines the universally acknowledged format of an assessment document. It bears lineation by which a person can record his findings and... Read More

How to write a Application Template

Applications have become almost a daily necessity these days. Whether it is to apply for a job or admission, scholarship or leave, reservation or visa, one need to document a... Read More