A catering quotation template acts as a fool proof base of creating a catering service quotation which is prepared reciprocating to a catering service invitation. It is usually made in the context of an event in which food catering is required for a day or for continued days. The price quotes and service conditions are laid down in clear terms that may finally mature into a professional contract between the quote presenter and the quote seeker. Thus the document should be given utmost attention while preparing as the interest of the reader would be totally dependent on the statements and quotations given in the final set-up.

You can Download the Free Catering Quotation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Catering Quotation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Catering Quotation Template

Catering Quotation Template

Download Catering Quotation Template


Tender invitation from: ______________ [Name the organization inviting the quotation]Address: ______________ [Mention the official address]

Phone number: ________ [State office number]

Name of catering agency: _______________ [Give the full name of the catering company]Address: _______________ [Mention the address of the main office]

Contact: _______________ [Give number]

Name of the quote writer: _____________ [Put the name of the quotation creator]Invitation date: _________ [Provide the invitation date as reference]

Quotation date: ________ [Provide the actual date of quotation presentation]

Quotation invited for: ___________________ [Mention the name of the event]Event date: ______________________________________ [Give the date ]

Event time: ______________________________________ [Give the time]

Length of contract: _______________ [Mention the estimated duration of contract]

Menu details: [Provide a pre-set menu of the food items to be served during contract]

Food Item

Time of Day

Lowest Rate [Inclusive of tax]

Service criteria: [Stipulate the conditions of contract service]
Signature: _________________