Certificate template is an official documentation that shows that a person has gone through training or has participated in some program and has completed that successfully. These certificates are very essential for an individual’s career growth.

A certificate is issued by an educational body to certify the fact that the individual addressed has attained the required education/ training in the respective field. A certificate template is a document prepared in keeping with the format of such certificates. These can be used as regular certificates after filling in the details of the institution and the person in whose favor the certificate is issued. It records the field of training, the result or performance record etc.

Sample Certificate Template:

Certificate Template

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[Institute Name or Organization Name or university Name that provides the certificate]

This is to certify that Mr. / Miss / Mrs. ___________________________ [Name of the person who receives the certificate] have successfully completed the course of _____________________ [Course Name] which was held in _______________________________ [Name of a place] from –/–/—-[Start Date] to

–/–/—- [End Date] with a grade of _________________ [Mention the Grade obtained] for the academic year____________ [Year].

He / she have also completed the assigned project with _________ [Percentage].

We wish him / her all the success in her future endeavors.

[Signature of the Deputy Director]                          [Signature of the Principal]

______________________________                     ___________________________

[Name of the Deputy Director]                                [Name of the Principal]

Deputy Director                                                        Principal