Certificate templates are widely used for official and informal purposes as per the requirement. However, the certificate template design varies according to the purpose. As the name depicts, a certificate template is used for awarding the participation in some activity as appreciation, brilliant performance and on completing some educational degree. Such a template consists of the details of the participant, declaration and name of the institution.

Types of the certificate templates:

  • Appreciation certificate template
  • Birth certificate template
  • Certificate of Authenticity template
  • Marriage certificate template

Certificate templates are executed for some legitimate declaration in the case of birth, marriage and death, etc.

Certificate template is based on the following mentioned attributes:

  • Date of the registration and certificate number.
  • Contact details of the provider and recipient as per the requirement. In some certificate templates, there are two parties and in few cases, there is only one party.
  • Term & provision of the certificate template in the birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate hold the different conditions.
  • Make the declaration of the certificate template as per the nature & type of the certificate template.
  • Signature of the concerned parties in order to validate the certificate template.
  • Signature of the authority.

A certificate template requires few details to personalize.

Sample Appreciation Certificate Template:

Appreciation certificate template

Download Appreciation Certificate Template

Sample Certificate of Authenticity Template:

Certificate of Authenticity template

Download Certificate of Authenticity Template