A checklist is a kind of a list which consists of a series of items, to –do tasks or due duties which need to be completed or pursued.  Once each individual task is done, the user of the checklist ‘checks’ or ‘ticks’ the item so as to indicate that the task has been completed.  There are many types of checklists such as aviation lists, shopping checklists, office checklists, operations checklists, factory checklists and others.  To frame a checklist easily and without any difficulty about getting the format right, help of a checklist template can be taken. A checklist template is a ready to use checklist which can be used by any person as per his/her needs or requirements from the list.

A checklist template comes with a format in which each item of the list has a small box against it so that when the item is done, that box can be checked.  Since forming such documents is time consuming and tedious, checklist templates are very popular and used by many.  These templates avoid the need to do that extra bit of work and also save time of those who need these checklists on a regular basis.  There are many types and designs of checklist templates that can be downloaded from the web.

Sample Checklist Template:


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