Are you looking for the perfect Chinese wedding invitation design? Akin to every culture out there, the Sino culture holds its own specifications when it comes to wedding invitations. We have come up here with some of the best collections of Chinese wedding invitation templates that are sure to make the invitation wok easier for your upcoming special ceremony.

Our templates have been backed by the standard wedding invitation layout of the Sino culture. We enable you to place information as per both Chinese & Georgian calendar, according to typical Chinese norms on wedding invitations. The templates are available in a variety of formats, enabling you to choose according to your preferred style and taste. The wordings on the templates have been chosen with utmost care to ensure due respect to the ancient oriental culture.

Then, our Chinese wedding invitation templates have been accentuated with typical oriental themes, incorporated into the templates through edgy graphical works. You will find Sino wedding invitation templates here, designed with hallmark Chinese symbols or motifs like dragons, Chinese lanterns, marigold flowers etc. Most importantly, we have not only featured wedding invitations in mandarin language only but you will also get bilingual Chinese wedding (Sino-English) invitation templates as well.

Sample Chinese Wedding Invitation:


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