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A church brochure introduces the church and its various activities to the people of a certain parish. It must be designed in keeping with the values of the church and must be attractive yet sober and comprehensive. A church brochure template is thus a means of framing a proper church brochure. Any church brochure template must provide the user with an outlined and well structured format so that one can easily fit in the personal details of the church as per church’s specifications and needs. This means that a document of this kind must be customisable and should consist of the broad topics of the brochure.

These kinds of templates are quite useful as firstly they save time of many church authorities and secondly they are inexpensive methods to introduce a church to people.

Sample Church Brochure Template



Download Church Brochure Template


Name of church: _________________________________ [Mention the specific name of the church]

Branch: ________________________________________ [Provide the nature of the church like Roman Catholic, or Baptist or Protestant etc.]

Address: __________________________________

Contact number: ____________________________ [Provide the relevant details]

Mass hours: ____________________________________ [Mention the timings of mass, especially Sunday service]

Our mission: ___________________________________ [Elaborate on the values of the church and the kind of services it offers to the congregation]

Outreach programs: ______________________________ [Mention the various outreach programs the church is associated with]

Main contributors: _______________________________ [Mention the chief contributors who support the church through donations or other services]

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