A church newsletter should draw attention of the readers who want to know about the current and future events in a church. The church newsletter should not be dull and boring. It has to add attractive words that can make the readers complete the newsletter from the start till the end at one go. The church newsletter template can contain segments like the psalms from the Bible, upcoming events in the church, articles and special messages by the board members of the church or church attendees, church social service activities and their reach, and contact numbers of the key members of the church.

You can Download the Free Church Newsletter Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Church Newsletter Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Church Newsletter Template

Church Newsletter Template

Download Church Newsletter Template

________________________ [Mention the name of the church]

___________________ [Specify the name of the church newsletter template]

___________ [Mention the date and month of the issue]

Newsletter edited by: ______No. of pages: _______ PSALMS __: [Mention a psalm from the Bible]_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
UPCOMING EVENTS: [Provide details of events that the church is going to undertake like practices, outreach programs, seminars, weddings, trainings, special invitees, etc]
  1. [Event name 1]
    1. [Brief description of the event]
    2. [Event name 2]
      1. [Brief description of the event]
      2. [Event name 3]
        1. [Brief description of the event]
        2. [Event name 4]
          1. [Brief description of the event]
          2. [Event name 5]
            1. [Brief description of the event]
  • Message from ____________________
  • Message from ____________________
  • Message from ____________________
CHURCH OUTREACH ACTIVITIES: [Mention how the church has been extending help through social service activities]
  • [Outreach program 1]
  • [Outreach program 2]
  • [Outreach program 3]
  • [Outreach program 4]
Contact numbers:E-mail address: ___________________

Phone: ________________  Fax: ________________