A church program template generally presents the plan of the order of services to be performed by the church on a particular day or during a certain span of time when some special occasion is being celebrated such as Christmas, wedding, etc. The services and programs of the church are highly religious and thus serious events; hence, the template should outline all the details of the specific program accurately as any aspect, if left out, will cause serious problems in the proper management, and functioning of the program plan. The expected attendants to the function should have complete knowledge of all relevant facts regarding the church program and the template should thus be designed effectively to reach out to all people involved and other places as well where that particular church program is important.

You can Download the Free Church Program Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Church Program Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Church Program Template:

Church Program Template

Download Church Program Template






[give a photo of The Lord here]



______________________________________ [provide some verse from the Holy Book, which the church identifies with the particular program]













Name of the Church: ___________________

____________________________________ [mention the name of the church where the program is to be held]



Location: _________________________ [mention the exact place where the church is located and give directions to the area]

A Church program has been arranged on the ________ [give the date] of _____________________ [mention the month] at our church to celebrate/ conduct the program of __________________________________________ [mention the name by which the program will be known], starting from ________________ [time of commencement of program] and will be continued till _________________[estimated time of completion]. 
Purpose:_____________________________________________________________ [mention the purpose for conducting the particular church program]



  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________
  • _____________________________

[mention if any specific code of conduct needs to be followed for the church program]


[mention the name of the service to be conducted]


[give all possible details that form a part of the corresponding service]

  1. Introductory prayer and offerings to the Lord
  1. Reading of the Holy Bible
  1. [Other programs that are to follow]