Club flyers template is a document used for promoting and marketing any particular club within a single page poster or advertising pamphlet. This kind of document should be so constructed that it must interest the targeted people to join in the club’s activity as a member.

Clubs are fun places with the music, its ambience and its distinctive party all the time features. A club flyer template helps the club owners or promoters in promoting their club. It presents the attractive features of the club in the best possible way. The template is very easy to use and it also saves the promoters the trouble of going through the process of building up a flyer from scratch. The flyer is very colorful and effective mode of communicating the idea of that club.

Sample Club Flyer Template

Club Flyer Template

Download Club Flyer Template

Name of the club _____________________________

Contact details of the club ________________________

Year of Establishment __________________________

Nature of club activity: [In this section elaborately mention about the nature of activities that is being performed]


Details of club activity: [In this section mention about each activity of the club individually and in details]

Name of the club activity 1 ___________________________________________

Description of club activity 1 ____________________

Timings of activity 1 ______________________

Fees _____________________

Name of the club activity 2 ___________________________________________

Description of club activity 2 ____________________

Timings of activity 2 ______________________

Fees _____________________

Name of the club activity 3 ___________________________________________

Description of club activity 3____________________

Timings of activity 3 ______________________

Fees _____________________

Club membership process: [In this section state the various process of obtaining membership of the club]

Membership process 1 ___________________

Fees ___________________________

Membership process 2 ___________________

Fees ___________________________

Membership process 3 ___________________

Fees ___________________________

Membership process 4 ___________________

Fees ___________________________

Special offers: [Mention the special offers that could be enjoyed by the club members]

Name of special offer 1 __________________

Details _______________

Name of special offer 2 __________________

Details _______________

Payment mode: [mention the payment mode through which an interested person can obtain the club membership or can participate in its activities]