Coaching Institute Pamphlet Template is a readymade document which lays down the format in which a pamphlet for a coaching institute must be designed. Though the basic contents of different types of such templates remain the same, but the changes can be made as per needs and requirements. These types of templates help the coaching institute owners to design their pamphlets without investing much of their time. A Coaching Institute Pamphlet Template must include details of the institute like its name, address, courses offered and others.

Sample Coaching Institute Pamphlet Template:

Coaching Institute Pamphlet Template

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Phone Number 1 __________________

Phone Number 2 __________________

Name of the Coaching Institute __________________________ [Here mention the name of the institute]

Address: __________________________ [Mention the address of the coaching institute]

We take up classes of all subjects including ____________[ mention some special subjects if any like computer, French , German and others]  for ____________[ mention the classes for which coaching is taken] classes.

We have with us a team of renowned teachers_____________ [mention the name of the teachers] who have earlier taught at __________ [mention the prestigious institutions where the teachers of the coaching institute have earlier taught].

We also take up crash courses for the following subjects:

Subject 1: _____________________

Subject 2: _____________________

Subject 3: _____________________

[Mention the subjects for which crash courses are taken]

We can arrange for individual classes at residence as well.

Group Classes are organised __________ [mention the number of days] days in a week. Timings depend upon the subject and classes.

For any other query you can please feel free to contact Mr. ___________ [name of the person] at ________________ [phone number]