A college scholarship essay template is a document which showcases the pattern of an essay to bag a college scholarship. It underscores the constituents of the pattern and their accepted location in the essay thus giving a clear view of how to present an essay in the most admirable way. It is a resourceful article as it provides an elaborate cue to the facets to be included in the essay and the fashion in which they should be included. Thus, the template should be followed for any exam testing one’s writing skills but the content should be completely original enclosed in the framework given.

You can Download the Free College Scholarship Essay Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. College Scholarship Essay Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample College Scholarship Essay Template

College Scholarship Essay Template

Download College Scholarship Essay Template

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______________ [NAME OF THE EXAM]

Name of the college: ___________ [Provide the name of the college concerned]
Name of the student: ___________ [Provide the name of the student appearing for exam]
Reason: ____________ [Mention the purpose behind seeking the scholarship]
Date: ________ [Mention the date of examination] Commencing time: __________ [Mention the time of start] Time given for completion: _________ [Mention the total time allowed for writing]
Essay topic: _____________ [Write down the entire topic question]
Introduction: [Paragraph 1]____________________________ [Opening lines]. _______________________ [Body of the introduction]. _______________________ [Topic treatment]. _____________________ [Instances and case studies].Content body: [Paragraph 2]

_________________________________________________________________ [Points, assumptions, premises, arguments, facets, models, facts and general paradigm of the essay topic]

Conclusion: [Paragraph 3]

_______________________________ [Recapitulation of the substance provided in the body]. ______________________________ [General conclusion]. _____________________________________ [Future indications and prospects of the topic].

Bibliography: [State the book, website and journal names used for reference of this work]