A college semester schedule template is a readymade schedule which can be customised and used by any college as a semester schedule to be distributed either to the students or to the teachers of the college. This kind of a template consists of a well framed structure along with the outlines given in brackets, using which users can form their own schedule in the provided blank spaces. Any college semester schedule template helps to save time and also preserves the authenticity of a semester schedule. Given below is a sample of a college semester schedule template.

You can Download the Free College Semester Schedule Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. College Semester Schedule Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample College Semester Schedule Template:

College Semester Schedule Template

Download College semester schedule template

LOGO of the college

[insert here the logo of the college which is forming its semester schedule]                                                                            [Write down the name of the college in bold here]

Address: ________[write down the full address of the college]

Phone: __________[write down the contact number of the college]

Email address: _________[write down the email address of the college]


SEMESTER ________[Semester number] SCHEDULE

SUBJECT NAME:[give the name of the subject or course for which schedule is being formed ]Department name: [give the name of the department under which this subject falls]________YEAR [give the year number  for which semester schedule is being formed]

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT: [give the name of the head of department}

























 Rules of the classroom:

  • [write down the various rules and regulations to be followed in the classroom of the college]
  • ______________________________________
  • ______________________________________


[signature of the head of department of the subject/course]