A commercial lease is a kind of a lease which is made for a commercial property such as an office space, a mall, a corporate hall etc. A commercial lease contract is a contract which is formed in the case when a commercial lease is finalized between a lessor and a lessee.

The contract specifies the various terms and conditions of the lease arrangement and also consists of the details of the involved parties. A commercial lease contract template is a readymade contract that can be used as a commercial lease contract by anyone.

  • A commercial lease contract template has all the content details and headings which are mandatory to be present in any formal contract. The template is also left with spaces where any kind of personal statement or detail of the contract has to be mentioned by the user.
  • Many commercial property owners and tenants make use of such templates as they help them save time and also avoid the need of hiring a professional to draft a contract.
  • Such templates have a formal format as well which eliminates the need for the user to worry about getting the details or information in proper order.

Sample Commercial Lease Contract Template:

Commercial Lease Contract Template

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