A community travel ticket template is a document framed in a way to serve the purpose of a community ticket, which is the ticket wherein the bookings are made for a community or a group. The user just needs to fill in specific details about individuals and then can put it up for use.

You can Download the Free Community Travel Ticket Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Community Travel Ticket Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Community Travel Ticket Template

Community Travel Ticket Template

Download Community Travel Ticket Template

Passenger Details:

Name (s):

Passenger 1:   __________________________

Passenger 2:   __________________________

Passenger 3:   __________________________

(Fill in the names of the passenger (s), the no. of passengers can be altered)

Age                   Sex

Passenger 1:      ________          ________

Passenger 2:      ________          ________

Passenger 3:      ________          ________

(Fill in the age and gender of each passenger)

Contact Information:

Mobile                 Phone               E-Mail Address           Postal Address

Passenger 1:    __________        __________         _______________      ________________

_______________      ________________

Passenger 2:  ___________        __________         _______________      ________________

_______________      ________________

Passenger 3:    __________        __________         _______________      ________________

_______________      ________________

(Fill in the details for each passenger)

Flight Details:

Flight No. : ______________________ (Fill in the flight no. for which the tickets were booked)

Seat No(s)/ Class:

Passenger 1:    _________            __________

Passenger 2:    _________            __________

Passenger 3:    _________            __________

(Fill in the seat nos. and the class for each passenger)

Departure Details:

Airport/ Terminal: __________________ (Fill in the airport and terminal of flight’s departure details)

Date: ____________________ (Fill in the date of the flight’s departure)

Time: ___________________ (Fill in the time of the flight’s departure)

Arrival Details:

Airport/ Terminal: ___________________ (Fill in the airport/ terminal of flight’s arrival details)

Date: ___________________________ (Fill in the date of the flight’s arrival)

Time: ___________________________ (Fill in the time of the flight’s arrival)

Final destination:___________________