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A company brochure template is a professional outlined document widely used for educating the prospective clients and customers to spread the business around the globe. This template simply contains information about offered products, services, business format and facilities. The template is mainly used by companies or organisations as it is kind of a readymade and well outlined documents which just needs a few additions and modifications as far as the content is concerned. This reason speeds up the process for the user and hence proves the usefulness of the template of this kind.

Any company brochure template must have the few broad topics which are useful in reflective the work and nature of any company in general.

Sample Company Brochure Template



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Company logo: __________________________

Name of the company: _____________________ [basic information about the company]


History: _________________________

About us: _______________________ [this field consists of company profile information to provide an overview to the reader]

Products & services: __________________________ [in this section, an introduction of the products and services is mentioned to invite the potential clients]

Awards: __________________ [this section demonstrates the efficiency and eligibility of a company]

How we work: _____________________ [here, a brief introduction of working criteria is given]

FAQ: _______________ [this brochure part consists of a number of necessary question/ answers]

Contact us: ________________ [in this section, phone numbers, mobile numbers, customer care contact numbers, faxes, address e-mail id and website of the company is mentioned]

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