A company letterhead template like the one provided below is a document which can be used to serve the purpose of a regular company letterhead after the user has provided the required details and information. A letterhead is used so as to authenticate the information that is being circulated/ the notifications being passed. Of all the employees and employers only a certain number of authorized officials can make use of the letterhead. The official using the letterhead to pass on info or to make announcement is thus required to mention his/ her name and position. The following sample might prove to be useful.

You can Download the Free Company Letterhead Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Company Letterhead Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Company Letterhead Template

Company Letterhead Template

Download Company Letterhead Template


[ In the box above, insert the official logo of the company]


[Mention the date of issuing the letter]

Name of the company

[Here, write down the full name of the company.]

Company Address

[Write the official address of the company from which all the correspondence is to be made]

Contact Number

[Write the contact number of the office or the functional contact number]



[Write the content i.e. the information to be circulated or cited by the way of this document.]

Name of the executive/ official

[write the name of the individual in whose name the particular letterhead is to be framed]

Job Position

[Mention the job position of the employee whose name is used]


[write the official address of the individual]

Contact No.

[Provide the contact nos. of the individual]

Email Address

[Mention the email address to be used for official purposes]

Stamp/ Signature

[Kindly apply the company stamp for authentication.]