A conference invitation template is very essential as it presents with a ready-made format of writing an invitation to the concerned people for the conference. The person who prepares the invitation content finds it easy to organize the details of the event in a nutshell due to the convenient form of the template.

“You can Download the Free Conference Invitation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Conference Invitation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Conference invitation template:

Conference invitation template

Download Conference invitation template

CONFERENCE ON___________________ (the name of the topic and the stream)

TO BE HELD AT:  ________________ (the name of the location)

ORGANIZING BODY:   _______________

DATE:  _____________ (the date when the conference would be held)

TIMINGS:  ______________ (the timing details)


The conference has _____________ (the topic) as the main theme with the following coveted speakers –

Name of the person          Name of the paper         Designation      University/Organization

______________             _______________       ____________      ________________

______________             _______________       ____________       ________________

(The details of the persons who would present their papers in the conference and discuss the topic at length)

The discussion will be followed by lunch at _____________ (timings)


_______________ (name of the concerned person)

________________ (designation and organization)