Any invoice that is used to record the bill or payment of any type of a construction job is termed as a construction job invoice. A construction job invoice is basically a bill of construction services provided by a construction company or contractor to a client. The invoice states the type of services offered, price of each of the service, total price of the services and other information which is related to the client such as the name, contact number, addresses where services were provided and others. A construction job invoice template is a document which can be taken into use to draft an invoice by any construction company.

A construction job invoice template acts like a ready to use invoice which has to be filled in with information related to the services and their costs. The template can be downloaded easily and then it can be modified or customized by any construction company to give it a personalized look. The template is left with blanks at certain places and against the blanks, instructions are also provided, using which the user can complete the invoice and hand it over to the client for getting payment. Besides convenience of use these templates are time saving as well.

Sample Construction Job Invoice Template :


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