A consulting quotation template is a design of the consulting information provided by an independent consultant or a consulting agency addressing the customer. It is an elaborate indication of the tasks and services carried out as part of the duties. The document is presented with the aim of offering the services for a predetermined length of time after which the offer may be given to some other company. So that the client company can rely on the presenter company’s information, it is important that the quotation is framed tactfully and explicitly at the same time. There should no hidden or implied version of the information.

You can Download the Free Consulting Quotation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Consulting Quotation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Consulting Quotation Template

Consulting Quotation Template

Download Consulting Quotation Template


Name: _____________________________ [Provide the name of the consulting professional]
Contact address: __________________ [Put down his office address and phone number]
Educational credentials: [Indicate the benchmarks of his career]College: _______________________ [Name the university from where he passed graduation]

Training: ______________________ [Name the institute from where he completed training]

Service credentials: [Indicate the certifications]Joining date: _____________________________________ [Mention the date of employment]

License number: ________________________________ [Certify the practice license number]

Service years: _______________________________________ [Mention the number of years]

Credit: ____________________________________________ [Identify the awards conferred]

Client’s requirements: [Elucidate the company’s needs]
Service quotations: [Elucidate the service-related information]
Hourly fee: ______________________________________ [Lay down the charges of service]
Service mode: ___________________________________ [Lay down the method of working]
Time requirement: ___________________ [Mention the average time for completion of task]
Payment: ____________________________________________ [State the payment patterns]
Performance standard: ________________________ [Provide a sketch of the service quality]
Validity period: _______________________________________ [Mention quotation validity]
Authorised signature: ___________________