There are many jobs and tasks which people take up on a contractual basis. These jobs are done for a certain period of fixed time and in return for a fixed amount of payment. Some examples of contract jobs are building or construction works, repair or service works and consultancy duties. A contract job invoice is an invoice or bill receipt of a contract service which is offered by the service provider to the client and lists down the total rate as well as the broken down division of rates of the services provided. A contract job invoice template is a ready to use kind of a contract job invoice which is easy to customize and highly useful for contract job workers.

Contract job invoice templates are invoices which already have a format of the bill given in them and have all the fields or headings needed in an invoice like the SNo Column, the name of service column, price of service column and the section where the total price is mentioned. This means that the user only needs to fill in the blank spaces with relevant information in order to use the template as a contract job invoice.

Sample Contract Job Invoice Template:


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