A corporate letterhead is a document which is particular to each firm and signifies or acts as the official trademark of the respective firm whenever some important information is to be passed on or an announcement is to be made. The sample corporate letterhead template given here can be used by anybody for their corporate use by making necessary additions in the content. The letterhead provides all the needed information about the entity and also includes the logo of the business. The letterhead must also include the name and other details of the individual who is using the letterhead.

You can Download the Free Corporate Letterhead Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Corporate Letterhead Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Corporate Letterhead Template

Corporate Letterhead Template

Download Corporate Letterhead Template


Name of the company/ business [Please mention the name of the business]                                                                                                                       Street Address

[Write the official address of the business]

City and zip code

[Mention the city (along with zip code) in which business is based]

Area code/ contact no.

[Mention the business contact no along with the area code]                                                                                                                            Web address                                                                                                    [Mention the business website]

Salutation  ___________ [write down the proper salutation and the appropriate title as per who is being addressed in the letter]

Content [Begin writing the content of the letter]


[Mention the name of the individual who is issuing the letterhead]

Job Title

[Mention the job title of the individual issuing the letterhead]


[Mention the correspondence address of the individual]

Contact no.

[Mention the contact nos. of the individual]

Email Address

[Mention the email address of the individual]


[Mention the date of issuance]

Signature/ stamp

[Provide the signature of the authorized official or the stamp of the company]