A course brochure must address all issues of concern regarding a particular course. It must be attractive yet informative at the same time. It must be comprehensive so that all doubts are addressed and consequently cleared. Thus, a course brochure template acts as a guide to the framing of a course brochure. The template must be framed in such a way that it gives a clear layout or outline of the structure of the content to be used in any course brochure. The details of the course must be added only by the user and for that blank spaces must be left. This feature makes any course brochure template a customisable document which can be used as per specific needs and requirements. Samples of the same can be searched here on this website.

Sample Course Brochure Template



Download Brochure Template


Name: ____________________ [Name of course]

Student intake: ____________________________________ [Mention the number of students who can participate in the course]

Nature of course: _____________________________________ [Enumerate the nature of the course]

Department: _______________________ [If the course is part of organized academics, mention the relevant department]

Admissions open from ___________ [dd/mm/yy] to ________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Eligibility criteria: __________________________________ [Mention the eligibility criteria based on which students will be selected in the course]

Course fees: _________________________________ [Mention the relevant amount]

Installation scheme: _______________________ [Mention the details of payment including system of installation if any]

Admission charges: _____________________ [Mention the relevant amount]

Contact for more details: _______________________ [Provide a contact number]