The curriculum vitae template is an important pre-constructed document that can be used by all for the purpose of gaining any sought after employment. This is required for providing an overview of all the qualifications and achievement of a candidate. Therefore, it is important to be careful while creating the curriculum vitae. There should be sufficient lineation provided for detailing all the work experience gained so far as well. The curriculum vitae template can also be used for students recently passed out of college and can include activities pursued outside the academic circle.

You can Download the Free Curriculum Vitae Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Curriculum Vitae Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Curriculum Vitae Template:

Curriculum Vitae Template

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Curriculum Vitae

Name:____________ [Clearly state your name]Age:_______ [yrs] [Specify the your age according to the date of birth mentioned in attached official documents]

Contact Information: [Clearly state the contact details]

Address:____________________ [Provide correct address for the employers’ convenience]


Cell Phone:

Email: [if any]

An Overview Statement: [State the list of qualities, skills and achievements that make you a prime candidate for employment]1.2.


Education [Mention all the academic qualifications which will include graduation, post graduation and other degrees and courses]
Year Academic Institution Degrees Honors and Awards [if any]
Employment History [State all work experience gained whether paid or voluntary]
[List the work experience in a chronological order] Employee Position held [mention whether it was a paid position or a voluntary one] Year of Employment
Post-Doctoral Training/Fellowships: [State whether there is any further educational, internship and fellowship training]1.2.


References: [Mention the contact information of previous employees/professors who can be contacted for referencing]1.2.