All companies create a customer contact list template for the sole purpose of keeping track of all customers for future business transactions. The template is also created for providing the said updates about certain products and services of the company. It is important that such a list template has adequate space for all details to be recorded. This should include the customer contact information such as name, address, codes or identity makers pertaining to the company database etc.

The customer contact list template should be designed simplistically placing more emphasis on the required provisions. It is important that the template is created depending on the company and the customer needs and this is also dependent on the type of information that is required to be inserted within the template. It also requires being free from any jargon or complicacy of design. The template must also be updated incase of change of contact information and hence, the company needs to be in touch with its customers. The customer contact list template is also a systematic way of making a note for the number of customers associated with the company. It should make provisions for potential customers as well.

You can Download the Customer Contact List Template, customize it according to your needs and Print. Customer Contact List Template is in MS-Excel.

Sample Customer Contact List Template:

Customer Contact List Template

Download Customer Contact List Template