A daily school schedule template is a document which outlines the basis of a daily school schedule. A school must follow a very strict routine so that the students may an all-round development and for that it is essential to make a daily school schedule or a time table which summarizes the various activities, study schedules and recreational tasks that need to be done daily. A daily school schedule helps both students and teachers as teachers can plan their syllabus and take classes accordingly and student can know which subjects will be taught, what books to bring, when they can have lunch or play during the activity period. A daily school schedule must be systematic, lucid and to the point.

Sample Daily School Schedule Template:

Daily School Schedule Template

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Daily School Schedule

Name and address of school: __________ [Mention name and location of the school’s premises]
Date: ____________ [Mention day and date of this particular school schedule]
Name of head of school: _________ [Give name of the headmaster or headmistress who is responsible for the making the schedule or who gives final approval to the school schedule]
Tasks and time [Make a list of all the tasks, activities and study plan to be completed and mention the allotted time for every task] Time Table [Mention daily routine]
9 am [Class begins after morning assembly] 10 am Small tiffin break 11 am 12 noon Lunch time 1 pm [Class begins after assembly] 2 pm 3 pm [Class ends]
1)   ________2)   ________

3)   ________

4)   ________

5)   ________

6)   ________

7)   ________

8)   ________

9)   ________

10)               ________