A dance program template is used to create a dance program brochure which has the itinerary of the dance program to be performed by a particular dancer or a group of dancers. A dance program template must contain the time, place and date of the event, like any other program template. Besides, it also gives a description of the dance program, the different types of dances to be performed and a background about the dancers themselves. If the dancers are part of an institute, there may be some information about the institute and their previous performances too. A summary of the performances are mentioned in the brochure.

You can Download the Free Dance Program Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Dance Program Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Dance Program Template

Dance Program Template

Download Dance Program Template

Name ___________________ [Specify the name of the dance program or festival]

Date (s): ______ [Mention the date or dates on during which the dance program will take place]Time: ______ [Write down the timings of the dance program]
Address: _____ [Mention the location or the hall where the program will be held]Phone number ____ [Give the phone number of the organisers]


Description of the dance program [Give a brief summary of what is the dance program all about, its background, previous events and so on]:
Background of dancers [Describe the dancers and their previous performance, biography or the name of the dancing institute]
Program itinerary [Make a list of the events in the program along with the approximate timings, for eg, the name of a particular performance etc]:
Special instructions [Mention any special instructions that the guests are expected to follow]:
Name of organisers: _________