A Daycare brochure template is presented by daycare centre to their clients who are interested to take daycare service for their children. This kind of brochure should be constructed with compelling messages for encouraging the clients and providing all the details which generally a parents look for before choosing a daycare for their child. Any daycare brochure template is a ready to use document which can be customised as per personal needs and specifications of the daycare centre. These documents are quite useful as they are pre written with all the necessary information and details. These points make any daycare brochure quite extensively used.One can add details pertaining to the day care services in the blank spaces provided.

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Sample Day care Brochure Template


day care

Download Daycare Brochure Template


Name of the daycare center ___________________

Address _______________________

The daycare service would only be provided to the kids from age ____________ [age] to __________________ [age].

Kids are kept for ___________ hours and for ____________ [days] in a week.


Services provided:

  • About the meals __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [mention about the meals that is being provided by the daycare centre]
  • Other services include:

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [mention what are the other services that is being provided to the kids]

Parents who share their experience_________________________________________________________________ [give the reviews about the parents who have kept their child in this daycare earlier]