A delivery receipt is a very commonly used document which is proof of the fact that a person has received a certain good or commodity and helps the sender know of the same by signing. The document consists of the signatures of the recipient along with date and time of receiving and item description.

A delivery receipt template is a document which has the exact same format needed in a receipt of this kind and can be used to frame an actual receipt and that too without much handwork.

A delivery receipt template is very popular as it helps any kind of a retailer or business to frame their own business personalized receipts.  These templates act as ready made receipts of delivery and help to reduce the workload of many businesses and individuals who otherwise have to frame the receipts on their own.

Templates are already provided with format and the mandatory content and the rest of the details can be filled in by the user in the blank spaces that have been provided. Delivery receipt templates are thus time saving, easy to customize and can be quickly converted into final delivery receipts with minimum hardwork. You can download such templates from the web.

Sample Delivery Receipt Template:

Delivery Receipt Template

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