A dinner event program template is a document on the basis of which a diner event program schedule is created. A dinner event is usually a part of a bigger event like an award show, charity ball, dance function and so on. These events are followed by a dinner party where the general people or celebrities may interact and have dinner. This is a formal event, so certain decorum must be maintained in terms of dress and behaviour. The dinner party program should mention these instructions, besides giving the date, timings and location of the party. Other events which are part of the dinner party besides the actual dinner must also be mentioned.

You can Download the Free Dinner Event Program Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Dinner Event Program Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Dinner Event Program Template

Dinner Event Program Template

Download Dinner Event Program Template

Name ___________________ [Specify the name of the dinner event program]

Date (s): ______ [Mention the date or dates on which the dinner event program will take place]Time: ______ [Write down the timings of the dinner event program]
Address: _____ [Mention the location or any specific hall where the program is held]Phone number ____ [Give the phone number of the organisers]


Description of the dinner event program [Give a brief summary of what consists of the program, besides dinner]:
Program itinerary [Make a list of the events in the program along with the approximate timings, for eg, if anything is following or preceding the actual dinner]:
Special instructions [Mention any special instructions that the guests are expected to follow, like a formal dress code etc]:
Name of organisers or host: _________ [Mention the name of the host or organiser of the dinner event]