A diploma template can be used by educational institutions whenever they need to award Diplomas to their students. The Diploma should indicate the name of the institution and show the course completed. Name of the student must appear and it must also contain the signature of the principal as well as the superintendent. A diploma template can be customized to fit the specific needs at any given time before printing it out. It makes it easier for institutions to create a Diploma certificate for their students. Shown below is a sample diploma template.

Sample Diploma Template:

Diploma Template1

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Name of Institution

This certifies that

__________ (Name of student) ____________________

Has successfully completed the required course of study approved by the Board of Education for the State of __________________ and is therefore awarded this Diploma.

Issued on this _________________ day of _____ (month, year) __________

____________________                                   ____________________

Superintendent signature                                   Principal signature

Institution Seal