A Donation brochure template is used by various non-governmental organizations and philanthropic foundations which depicts the stories of various donation made by them for serving different needs. This kind of brochure is presented to those who are eager to make donation for a cause by the help of a philanthropic organization. Any such template is useful for promoting a donation centre in the sense of spreading the message of donation amongst the local people. These templates consist of all the information which is common to any donation brochure document. There are blank spaces left in the template so that the donation camp organiser can add his personal information so as to customise the document. Samples of different brochure templates can be found on this website as per your purpose.

Sample Donation Brochure Template

Name of the organization _____________________________ [mention the name of the philanthropic organization]

Address _______________________

Our objective ____________________________________

Established in ________________________ [year]

Previous Donation Events: [mention previous events of donation along with the purpose and the response received]

Donation Event 1 _____________________________________________________

Story of Donation event 1 ______________________________________________

Place of conducting ______________________________________

Response of the people ____________________________________

Donation Event 2 _____________________________________________________

Story of Donation event 2 ______________________________________________

Place of conducting ______________________________________

Response of the people ____________________________________

Name of the early donator: [mention the name of the donators who have donated for various causes earlier through this particular philanthropic foundation]



Download Donation Brochure Template