Though water and juices etc. are also the items that we humans drink- when it comes to drink menu, mostly the liquid that is being referred is any and every sort of alcohol. But still, a drink menu may at times also contain a few mock-tails and some non alcoholic drinks. Either way any restaurant place, food joint or a hotel will usually require a drinks menu. And these are the ones who use the drink menu templates- the templates which help them in preparation of a drinks menu as per their specific service. The templates are a tool of convenience and hence are pretty popular amongst many such entities. The usual pattern of the drinks menu is to list cocktails and mocktails (if any) in completely separate distinctions. And even within these two heads, the drinks are listed together based on what makes a group. For example all the manufacturers or companies of a single alcohol will be listed under a single head; the head being the respective alcohol. Similarly the different quantities of the same alcohol provided may be listed together. All of this is taken care of in the drink menu template because it is prepared in a certain format that meets all such requirements.

Sample Drink Menu Template:


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