E-mail Brochure Template

An e-mail brochure template is used for online promotional and advertising activities for a particular business. Such a brochure template is a programmed document, which contains details such as an introduction of the company, interactive offers and contact details to earn the business. Any such brochure template consists of an outlined structure or a well detailed format which lets the user quickly fill up the personal details and hence readily use the document for his needs and requirements. This customisable nature of brochure templates makes them quite widely used and popular amongst many users and companies.

The fact that an email brochure comes free of cost or for just a meagre value, these documents act as really inexpensive methods to promote a person’s business or organisation.

Sample E-mail Brochure Template


emailDownload E-mail Brochure Template


Logo: ________________ [printed at a top left side of the brochure]

Name of the brand: ___________________________________

Image: __________________ [a high resolution image is printed to make an e-mail brochure template more interactive]

Who we are: __________________ [functioning criteria of the company is mentioned including professional background]

We deals in: _____________________ [a description of products and services is explained here in order to provide an overview]

Best deals for you: _________________ [a briefing of different deals is mentioned here, including complete package and cost]

We offer: _______________________ [interactive discounts and offers are mentioned here to earn the leads]

Approach us:

Email id: __________________

Website: _________________ [contact details are mentioned here to help the interested customers]

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