An earth day quiz template can be used to guide the quizzers to form an earth day quiz. This quiz tests the understanding of the person on various aspects of the earth like its ecosystem, effect of emission on water, air and land, recycling, carbon footprint, etc.

You can Download the Free Earth Day Quiz Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Earth Day Quiz Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Earth Day Quiz template:

Earth Day Quiz Template

Download Earth Day Quiz template

Name of the Quiz:       ____________________________

Designed by:              ____________________________ [Give the creator of the earth day quiz]

1. What is the meaning of ecosystem? [This question tests the person on the basics of ecosystem]

a)   A place to live for all living beings [Provide your options here]

b)   It is a place where air, water, land exists

c)   It is a part of atmosphere

d)   None

2. Which of the following descriptions symbolises the process of recycling?

a)   The Earth with a heart in it [Provide your options here]

b)   An endless loop containing three arrows

c)   A Star

d)   None

3. Which of the following should you prefer to use for saving water?

a)   A shower [Provide your options here]

b)   A bath

c)   Any of the above

d)   Both

4. Which of the following products should you prefer to use for protecting the earth?

a)   Plastic bags [Provide your options here]

b)   Use and throw foam cups

c)   Mobile phones

d)   None

5. What do you understand by carbon footprint? [This questions tests the person’s knowledge on the effect of daily activities by people and companies on the earth]

a)   A fossil fuel [Provide your options here]

b)   The emissions or harmful pollutants that are released in the surroundings daily

c)   It is a form of carbon compound

d)   All of the above