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An education brochure template is prepared for demonstrating the educational facilities of an institution in order to invite the deserving applicants by offering them standard educational level. Such a brochure template is widely used by the universities and advanced educational institutes. The template consists of all the major categories of information and thus the bigger half of the content is pre written. This makes these document almost ready to use and execute. The user just needs to modify the template as per his specifications and thus is provided with a time saving document for his educational promotion needs.

The customisable nature as well as the fact that these templates are available extensively makes them quite popular. Infact you can find many samples of different templates on this website.

Sample Education Brochure Template



Download Education Brochure Template 


Logo: _____________________

Name: ____________________ [initial details of the educational institute are mentioned]

Image of the institute: _______________________

About us: _________________________________ [a brief overview of history and mission & vision is mentioned here]

Image gallery: ____________________________ [an interactive image gallery of the educational institute is printed here]

Education policy: _________________________ [an introduction of educational structure is provided here]

Offered courses: ___________________________ [the offered educational diplomas, degrees and post graduation courses are mentioned along with the duration & fee description]

Details of the concerned faculty: _________________ [the profile description of the concerned teaching authority for each course is printed.]

Contact us:

Name of the concerned department: ________________

Address: ______________________________________

Phone number: ________________________________

Fax Number: _________________________________

E-mail id: _____________________________________

URL: _________________________________________

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