An education plan template is of great help as it presents with a structure to focus on the education plan of the institute for a definite period of time – a fiscal year in most of the cases. The concerned people organize the plan in the format of the template which can be used when needed.

The educational institutions provide courses/ impart education in a planned manner and are restricted by a time constrain. The time is accounted for on a yearly basis. To meet the time restrictions certain plans have to be formulated. The education plan template helps the planner to record his/ her plan in a format form. It lists all the subjects with the course structure, books/ readings, number of classes/ lectures required for completion of course and other relevant information.

Sample Education plan template:

Education Plan Template

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Name of the institute: ____________ (registered name of the educational body)

Tagline: ____________________ (the motto, image and logo as applicable)

The introduction: ______________________________________________________

(Summing up the current status of the educational institute)

The short term Goals:   ___________________________________________

The long term Goals:   _____________________________________________

(Briefly explaining about the aims of the institute in different time frames taking into account various perspectives)

The council and the management: _____________________________________

(Giving a brief about the trustees, the directors and the senior officials of the educational institute and their opinions)

Other development plans: _________________________________________________

(Enumerating action plans concisely in various segments of the institute)

Concluding Remarks/Summary: _________________________