The policy of imparting education largely depends on the institution, though they have a lot in common with each other regarding the format. The education policy template can be filled up to give the exhaustive details and thereafter, a proper education policy can be constructed.

Every educational institution or body imparting education has to have a framework of policies relating to every aspect of its operations such as admission, performance evaluation etc. The education policy template provides a format for compactly and clearly stating/ recording all such policies. Maintaining such records makes it convenient to analyze and change the policies as and when required. Before putting the template to use the body needs to make required additions i.e. fill in the institution specific details.

Sample Education Policy Template:

Education Policy Template

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General: ___________________________________________________________________

[All types of technology and all non-traditional media are to be incorporated in this section. The language should be broad so that it does not become out dated with the advance of technology.]

Academic Freedom: __________________________________________________________

[The responsibilities and duties of the faculty of all sort of academic programmes]

Quality Control of the Curriculum: ______________________________________________

[Same procedures are to be used in all academic programmes.]

Working Conditions: _________________________________________________________

[Policy of Grant of Leave due to health problems]

Enrolment: _____________________________________________

[Enrolment procedure]

Compensation: _____________________________________________

Teaching Appointments: _____________________________________________

Training for Teaching: _____________________________________________

Availability of Assistance: _____________________________________________

Evaluation of Class & Faculty Member: __________________________________________
Tuition & Fees: _____________________________________________