Education templates are widely executed and customized by the education institutions in order to award the course, diplomas and degrees to the students. An education template is designed according to the requirement and level of the educational standards. Such a template contains information about a student, details of the particular degree and institute/ academy facts. However, different Universities have unique education templates to assign the certifications.

Types of the education templates:

  • Course template
  • Diploma template
  • Graduation template
  • Post graduation template, etc

An education template is an effective tool which represents the ethical & educational standards of the institution and is drafted in proper language.

Following attributes should be considered while drafting a desired education template:

  • Mention the name of the institution and certification by providing the name of the student.
  • Make a clause for the declaration of the reason for the education template.
  • Write about the date of issuing the education template.
  • Mention the grades obtained by the student.
  • Make some space for the signature of the authority.
  • Leave some space for the institution seal.

Hence, the education institute can use the education template for a particular course or degree by giving some important details.

Sample Diploma Template:

Diploma template

Download Template

Sample Graduation Template:

Graduation template

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