An educational assessment template is filled up to give a clear idea about the quality of education being provided in any institution. The results can be analyzed and compiled to improve the quality of education provided and to ensure a better learning experience for the students.

Imparting education helps in an individual’s character development and hence is complex process which must be performed with utmost care. Thus it is required that the educational institutions carry on proper assessment of the activities/ operations on regular basis and regular intervals. An educational assessment template helps the institutions to maintain such records. It is formatted such that any institution can use the template to keep record by just filling in the details of its students and its teachers, the curriculum and other relevant information.

Sample Educational Assessment Template:

Educational Assessment Template

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Name of the Department: ______________________________________________________

Head of the Department: ______________________________________________________

Leading Skills: __________________________________________________

[Mention about the skills of the head of the department and the person’s resourcefulness and dedication to the job.]

Management Skills: ______________________________________________________

[The management of the department, whether the colleagues are co-operative or not]

Organizational Skills: ______________________________________________________

[The objectiveness of the department, is the department well organized and resourceful or not.]

Faculty of the Department: _____________________________________________________

[Number of faculty in the department and their experience]

The class arrangement: ______________________________________________________

[The number of classes allotted to each teacher and their durations]

Review on the efficiency of the teachers: ________________________________________

[The specialty of their course materials and method of teaching]