An educational institute application form template is a format in which the educational institute application form is designed. These types of templates include all the information related to the applicant so that his application can be considered by the educational authorities.

All institutions issue application forms to the students who seek admission to the courses provided. The purpose of the application form is to gather the relevant information about the students. Once information is collected it is convenient to chalk out the deserving students from the pool of applicants. This application form template has been framed to meet all these requirements. Any institution can use this template by making additions as per the specifications of the concerned authorities.

Sample Educational Institute Application Form Template:

Educational Institute Application Form Template

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Personal Details-

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Telephone number: ___________________________________________________________

Email address: ______________________________________________________________

Major you are opting for: ___________________________

Education Details-

Last Educational Institute you attended: __________________________________________

Your qualifications (obtained from the last attended institute): __________________________________________________________

English Knowledge: __________________________________________________________

[Please give a brief description of your written and oral knowledge of English]

Other Languages spoken: ______________________________________________________

[Please list the languages you know other than English and your proficiency in them]

Certifications received so far (if any): _______________________________________________________________

[Please list the certifications received for academic or non-academic excellence].

Additional Information:

Your past record: ____________________________________________________________

[Whether you have any criminal record, history of being deported or arrested etc]