An educational performance template is filled up by an evaluator to rate the performance of any student. The evaluation is done keeping all aspects of education in mind. The result of this performance template really helps in the progress of a student and paves the path for correction of mistakes and provides a scope for improvement.

While imparting education or any such training the institution needs to access the performance of its students on a regular basis. These records have to be presentable, and the educational performance template presented below takes care of this aspect. Any institution can use the template to make record of the performance of its students by giving a description of the particular student in space provided for the same. Keeping such records is a useful practice followed by majority bodies.

Sample Educational Performance Template:

Educational Performance Template

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Name of Student: ____________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _____________________  Year of Graduation / Exit: _________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Please fill up the following for a summary of performance.

Academic Content Area        Present Level of Performance [standard scores, grade level etc.]

Basic Reading                     ___________________________________________________

Comprehension Skills           ___________________________________________________

Written Expression               ___________________________________________________

Speaking Language             ___________________________________________________

Class Participation                ___________________________________________________

Homework Management        ___________________________________________________

[The students are to be evaluated on an overall basis where the class performance and examination results, both are taken in to account]

Cognitive Areas           Level of Performance Exhibited [General Observation]

Reasoning                  ___________________________________________________

Memory Functions               ___________________________________________________

Communication Skills           ___________________________________________________