Electronic Signatures – Entering the Digital World

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On 30th of June, 12 years ago, the ESIGN Act was signed by Bill Clinton in order to legalize the e-signatures and since the year 2000, rate at which the e-signatures are being used in business has increased exponentially. There are various benefits of electronic signatures for business which includes getting the documents signed in few minutes, improving the audit trail, important documents can be signed and sent from any place and many others.

For Large sized businesses, the electronic signatures serve various benefits. In Banks, it has diminished the processing errors by 90% and has moderated the future risks by 50%. In healthcare industry, it has helped to enhance the security, increase the efficiency, save time and money and serve as legal evidence. Even in the pharmaceutical industry, electronic signatures serve various benefits like supporting multiple authentications, is more secure, easy to use and simplify the work flow.

Some of the common uses of electronic signatures include signing the leasing agreements, signing the bank documents and insurance forms, signing contracts, signing the forms related to colleges and universities, signing agreements related to the clients and others.

Some of the best electronic signature software’s are Adobe Echosign, Hello Sign, Signnow, Docu Sign and Right Signature.