Elementary Brochure Template

An Elementary brochure template is designed by different companies, institution and organization for presenting various purposes. The designing of the elementary brochure largely depends on the kind of subject matter it would present. Any such template is useful for promoting the organisation and its cause. The ready to use nature of these documents makes them quite popular among many different groups of people. One an easily fill in his personal details in the blank spaces provided and hence personalise the template as per his needs and specifications.

Users can find many samples of different brochure templates on this website quite easily.

Sample Elementary Brochure Template



Download Elementary Brochure Template

Name of the school: ____________________________________

Year of establishment: __________________________________

We consider success to be ____________________________________________ [Mention the foundational objective of the elementary school]

Elementary school admissions open for children:

  • For Kindergarten: __________________ years [Age of students in years who are eligible for admission to kindergarten]
  • For Nursery: ___________________ [years]

Admission opens from ____ [dd/mm/yy] to ___________ [dd/mm/yy]

Education programs for kindergarten students:

Name of Program 1 ___________________________

Description _________________________

Name of Program 2 ___________________________

Description _________________________

Education programs for nursery students:

Name of Program 1 ___________________________

Description _________________________

Name of Program 2 ___________________________

Description _________________________


  • Admission fees: ______________________________________
  • Monthly fees: ___________________________________________
  • Meal Charges: __________________________________________

Services we offer:

Service 1 _______________

Service 2 ________________

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