The vision statements are the statements that are used by the nonprofit organizations such as the schools for depicting their future plans and objectives. They focus on what they are capable of doing in future and how they will achieve their goal with the available scope and resources. The vision statements are generally written in short paragraphs of three to four sentences. The vision statements are updated, when the demonstrated future goals are achieved. Different types of vision statements are used by different organizations. For example, the elementary school vision statements are somewhat different from that of the middle schools and the high schools.

Here are some of the sample elementary school vision statements that can be used.

  • ‘Our vision at XYZ elementary school is to inspire all the students and the staff members to be a long time learner and at the same time, a responsible citizen; and to allow all the prospective learners to excel in their beloved areas’.
  • ‘Our vision at XYZ elementary school is to ensure that the students are actively engaged in the learning process and are provided with the appropriate opportunities at the appropriate time so that they can get optimum success by applying the learned skills to the fullest’.
  • ‘The vision of ABC elementary school is to maintain high academic standards all the time without fail and to equip the budding students with the necessary tools so that they can become life-long learner, a productive community member and over all, a good human being’.


Vision Statements