Are you on the plan to email your wedding invitation to your guests? Well, it could be that you are really busy with your wedding arrangements and hardly have time to hand over the invitation cards physically- don’t worry you’re not along and many couples in the contemporary busy world take to email invitations. Besides, it’s the invitation pattern that matters the most and not the medium of sending it.

We have got a huge selection of email wedding invitation templates which you can deliver to your guests’ email inbox, right from our site. Everything is preset, just personalize the invitations cards as per your particular event information & you are ready to email them.

Our email wedding invitation templates have been infused with great graphical works to ensure a cutting-edge effect. Besides we have worked to make sure that just because you are sending the invitation by email that doesn’t mean that there would be any compromise in the essence of cordiality. Thus, our templates are enriched with the most fitting words, assuring the right justice to the prime etiquette of a warm wedding invitation. Your guests would be no less than delighted to receive such fantastically framed wedding invitation card in their inbox.

Email Wedding Invitations