An employment application template is an exemplary application form used by companies to derive information about prospective employees whereby all details pertaining to employee background, potentials and interests are extracted officially. It provides a tour of the employee’s credentials for matching with the company’s profile. Thus it must be constructed in an official manner entrapping the necessary details.

An employment application letter is a letter used by firms and applicants alike. These letters must adhere to a certain format which is given in the template below. The individual/ firm using this template needs to fill the space provided with the required information. It records an applicant’s details such as education attained, skills developed, work experience, personal characteristics etc, and thus helps the candidate present himself in best way while also making convenient for the firm to decide suitability.

Sample Employment Application Template

Employment Application Template

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Date of application: ________________________ [Give the correct date on which the application was submitted]

Personal data:

Name of the applicant: _____________________ [Provide the full name of the applicant applying for the employment programme]

Address: ______________________________ [Provide the complete residential address of the applicant including the street number, flat number, city and ZIP code for faster contact]

Contact number: ________________________ [Provide the personal cell number of the applicant to invite interview call at any time of the day]

Job post: ____________________ [Mention the job position that the applicant has applied for]

Employment background:

Name of the company last employed in: ____________________ [Give the name of the company where the applicant has worked before]

Reason for applying for the new post: ____________________ [Provide a valid reason for the organization to know the applicant’s motive behind the application]

Educational background:

Educational degree: _________ Percentage marks: ___________ Year: ____________

Educational degree: _________ Percentage marks: ___________ Year: ____________

Education degree: __________ Percentage marks: ____________ Year: ____________

[Name the educational qualification, total marks obtained and the year of passing for each category]

Notable skills and experiences: _____________________ [Briefly discuss the exceptionalities of the applicant like training, talent or ability]

Signature: ________________________ [Provide the signature of the applicant]