Employment contract agreement template is an archetypal format of an employment contract based on the consensus of two parties, the company’s HR executive and the prospective member of staff applying for the job. It is a portrayal of the document pattern needed while striking up an employment contract. It must be thus sincerely delineated by including the legal bindings.

The employment contract agreement template given below is a formatted document which makes it convenient for the firms to draft employment contracts. When firms make new appointments they sign contracts with the new employees. These are legally binding and provide the details of the firm as well as the employee. After the user of the template fills in the details relevant to their situation it acts as a regular contract which states the terms and condition to be followed.

Sample Employment Contract Agreement Template

Employment Contract Agreement Template

Download Employment Contract Agreement Template

This employment contract agreement rests on the mutual decision of the employer, _______________________________ [Name the employer or the employing agency] and the employee, _________________________ [Name the candidate selected for employment] residing at _____________ [Apartment number], ____________ [Street name], ____________ [City], ______________ [Pin code] of phone number ______________ [Furnish the complete contact number of the candidate] sealed on _______day of ____________ month of ______________ year [Provide the date of closing the deed] by complying with the following conditions laid down exclusively for the verification of the contract:

Commencement date: _________________ [Mention the date of starting the job]

Duration of employment: ______________ [Mention the valid time period for which the employment will remain effective]

Proposed duties: _____________________ [Elucidate the list of duties and tasks agreed upon by the candidate]

Introductory salary: __________________ [Maintain the list of basic salary, benefits and allowances promised to the candidate]

Disclaimer: ________________________ [Expound the factors and conditions in detail for which the candidate will be disqualified and expelled from employment]

Signature of the employee: ________________ [Provide full signature of the candidate]

Signature of the employer: ______________ [Provide full signature of the HR expert]

Signature of the witness: _______________ [Provide full signature of the advocate witnessing the deed]